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  • Exfoliate to remove dry skin. We suggest using a light exfoliating body scrub in your morning shower. This enables the spray to absorb into fresh, clean skin. Your tan will be more even and last longer.

  • Avoid bar soaps or in-shower moisturizers as they could change the ideal PH Balance of your skin, this may interfere with your results. Spray tan safe body scrub is available for purchase.

  • Skip lotion and makeup. Glaze has makeup remover conveniently located in the salon.


  • Remove Jewelry

  • Wear loose fitting clothing. If you're wearing a bra or tight clothing it will create tan lines. This is a personal preference since some guest find it gives a natural beach style tan lines. The cosmetic bronzer may transfer onto light clothing; however, this will come out in the wash and won’t stain.

  • Arrive with a clean skin, this means no lotions, oils or makeup. Glaze has makeup remover conveniently located at the salon.

  • A Glaze tanning expert will help you select the ideal color level that best suits your desired results. The VersaSpa is voice guided and will clearly instruct you on the required spray tanning positions.


  • Avoid water for at least 4 - 8 hours after you tan.

  • Moisturizing your skin in the days following your session will make your tan last longer. Tan Extending Moisturizer is available for purchase.

  • Enjoy your amazing Glaze Glow for up to 7 days!


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