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It is so important to protect your eyes we cannot stress this enough, you only get two and they need to last your lifetime. Federal Regulations require tanners to wear eye protection that protects 99.9 % of UVB and 99% of UVA rays. UV light can damage your retina, cornea and lead to cataracts. You can also lose night vision, colour perception, get headaches and dry itchy eyes. Your eyelids have almost no UV protection and a towel over your face doesn't come close to cutting it either. 


Do not share goggles as this can spread eye infections such as pinkeye.  Also, we recommend replacing your goggels every six months or if they show any visible signs of damage. 


Please don't cause permanent damage for the sake of tan lines or saving a buck. We have a large a selection of eyewear that can safely reduce tanlines and also have lotions with topical bronzers. We take eye protection and your safety VERY seriously and sincerely hope you do too. This includes sunglasses that have UV protection when you're at the beach or out in the sun and not just a cheap set because they may look cool. Bottom Line here is PROTECT YOUR EYES.....




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