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Glaze aims to impress

We're so thankful for all the support our community has been showing us. Word of mouth is so valuable and having our clients tell their friends about us really does so many things...... let me count thy ways lol

1. EXTENSIVE audit of our Equipment. Being busy is great but we need to acknowledge our downfalls if we are truly planning on improving. Let's face it, Room 6 Stand-up fan was "sucking", not what a fan is intended to do. Our new fan pushing 22mph winds is coming in "COLD" this week. Accompanied by fresh beats in our new audio system.

2. Infrared is amazing but needs to step down and make room for our Excellence 800, a premium bed offering second to none performance. We are determined to measure up to the high bar you've set for us.

3. Our UV bulbs are metered diligently to ensure you're getting

exactly what we promise.... the ultimate experience and maximum Vitamin D.

REMEMBER: High wattage, dark results, in less time is in not the goal. I can't stress enough the importance of SAFE TANNING and ensuring our clients keep in mind that "just because we need water to survive, doesn't mean we can't drown" Talk to our consultants about a good bronzer, if you want to get dark fast.

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